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The East Africa Art Biennale Association (EASTAFAB) based in Tanzania was established in 2003 through the efforts of two artists namely Yves Goscinny, a Belgian expatriate and Elias Jengo, an academically trained artist teaching art courses at the University of Dar es Salaam. Since its inception, the EASTAFAB has been holding art exhibitions in every two years, the first one being in 2003, which involved mainly the East African countries and a few from abroad. Its exhibitions involve display of artworks, mainly from the East African region and a few from other parts of Africa and abroad. All the artists who participate are featured in the catalogue of the year that they exhibit.


Our Mission

To promote visual arts, artists, designers, sculptors and photographers in the  context of public exhibitions at home and abroad through the medium of contemporary visual arts.


Our Vision

               To become an excellent art movement that Facilitates individual creativity and professionalism among East African artists as well as invited artists through exposure, training and dialogue.


Our Objectives 

(a)          To establish a forum for East African artists and designers where they can meet and exchange professional ideas

(b)          To offer specialized training in artistic media use through workshops held during the Biennale

(c)           To foster the spirit of cooperation among artists from different cultural backgrounds to work for the common good.

(d)          To offer opportunity for artists and designers to interact with art patrons and dealers.

(e)          To create awareness among the general public on the professional role of  artists and designers

(f)           To enhance the image of the artists and designers through the publication of their works in the catalogue.

(g)          To work with any organization that can foster the objectives of the organization

(h)          To organize every two years (Biennale) a visual arts exhibition including performing arts with artists from the East African region.

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For more information and to donate contact us: 

The East Africa Art Biennale Association,

P.O. Box 35044,

Dar es Salaam-Tanzania.