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The East Africa art biennale wants to wish you all a happy new year.
We start a new year with the biennale taking a new phase since for the first time the exhibition will be moving across the East Africa countries. we would like you as a member of our community to have a first hand look on the exhibitions that are going to make memories in our major cities in East Africa. 
The organising committee has seen it fit to provide some tools that will enable you to see what will happening through that will be active through the whole biennale with all the information (articles, special guests, pictures,videos and artworks of the selected artists) medias pages.
Facebook: @EASTAFAB
3.whatsapp group of the artists and art lovers (temporary only during the art journey)

General time table of the 2017-18 Biennale:

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 2nd - 22nd November 2017 

  Arusha, Tanzania 26th November - 4th December 2017  

Nairobi, Kenya 23th January – 28th January 2018 

Kampala, Uganda 2nd February – 8th February 2018 

 Kigali, Rwanda 12th February- 18th February 2018 

 Bujumbura, Burundi 22nd  February- 28th February 2018

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For more information and to donate contact us: 

The East Africa Art Biennale Association,

P.O. Box 35044,

Dar es Salaam-Tanzania.