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Question: How many venues will be used for the EASTAFAB 2017 Biennale in Dar es Salaam?

Answer: FOUR venues will exhibit the EASTAFAB 2017 biennale in Dar es Salaam. The venues include NATIONAL MUSEUM, NAFASI ART SPACE, ALLIANCE FRANCAISE & GOETHE INSTITUTE.


Question: Will artists from other East African countries get transport to come to Dar es Salaam Biennale?

Answer: Artist will not get transport to come to the Dar es Salaam during the Biennale, but artists who can afford to pay for their stay here will be more than welcome and will be given necessary assistance.


Question: What kind of artworks will be accepted?

Answer: All kind of visual art will be accepted to go through the selection process.


Question: Will the artists get any incentives for participating in the EASTAFAB 2017 Biennale?

Answer: Artist who will be selected to participate in the EASTAFAB 2017 Biennale will get the great opportunity to be featured in the EASTAFAB 2017 Biennale Catalogue. Their information will be published in the catalogue as a way to promote them. Also their work will be shown across the five East Africa countries in the multiple venues.


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